Not to be confused with the grenade with the same model designation.

Room restrict limitawpRemington M24 is a Common grade bolt-action sniper rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


Remington M24 is an American 10-round, 7.62mm sniper rifle that boasts excellent mobility. Coupled with the weapon's exceptional accuracy and firepower, the M24 is sufficient enough to neutralize a human target in mid-range combat.


  • One-shot-kill on head and gut
  • Almost as quiet as Scout
  • High accuracy
  • Does not affect movement speed
  • High knock-back/stun to zombies
  • High reserve ammunition
  • Light weight (as Seal knife)


  • Cannot do one-shot-kill on chest and legs in long-range combat due to damage drop-off
  • Low rate of fire if compared with most bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Less accurate in long-range combat


  • This weapon was released for duration alongside Ruin on 20 July 2011.
  • This weapon was released for permanent on 11 January 2012.
  • This weapon was released alongside Challenge mode on 27 March 2013.
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies
  • This weapon was released through Craft system alongside Open Beta Test on 23 September 2014.
  • This weapon was released through Craft system alongside Open Beta Test on 26 March 2015.



  • GIGN: Seen in posters.


Mode Buy cost Bullets per clip Ammo cost (1 clip) Total clip (bullet) Ammo cost (total) Total
Original $4500 30 $60 3 (90) $180 $4680
Scenario $4500 30 $60 20 (600) $1200 $5700
  • Aim for the gut area or the head for instant kill.
  • Firing at the chest, hands and legs can still kill enemies with health lower than 90.
  • It does not affect the player's weight, making the player harder to get shot in Sniper Battles.
  • Always perform a quick switch (Default key: Q) after a shot as it is much quicker and allows you to kill your enemy with your secondary weapon if you missed or if they are still alive.
  • Use it in middle range combat for maximum performance as it is designed to be a middle-range combat weapon. Remember to lift your cross-hair slightly higher so that it will not shoot the legs.
  • Always go with teammates if you are planning to rush as the M24 is designed to kill 1 person at a time.
  • Although its light weight is an advantage for sniper, try to practice more when using this weapon since it might also make you slightly harder to aim.
  • This weapon is also suitable for Zombie Escape since it is very light. 
  • Since this weapon is included in AWP Battle restriction, this is the most efficient weapon in close-ranged maps such as Roof
  • Strafing while scoping does not affect accuracy, use this advantage to get yourself better at aiming moving targets or jumping opponents. 
  • Be aware that even it still has accuracy while moving, does not mean running with this weapon guarantee a stable accuracy. 


Scout gfx
  • Higher damage (+34%)
  • More accurate (+4%)
  • Same recoil (30%)
  • More expensive (+$1750)
  • Lower rate of fire (-12%)
  • Heavier (+5%)
  • Longer reload time (+1.0 seconds)

  • Lighter (-14%)
  • Higher magazine size (+5)
  • Cheaper (-$300)
  • Less loud when fire
  • Same ammunition type (7.62 NATO)
  • Same recoil (30%)
  • Same reload time (3.0 seconds)
  • Can be purchased by cash points
  • Cannot do one shot kills on the leg
  • Lower damage (-1)
  • Lower rate of fire (-3%)
  • Cannot do one shot kills on the chest
  • Cannot be enhanced



Firing sound

M24 draw


Reload m24

Reload sound

First Look on Remington M24A2

First Look on Remington M24A2

Counter Strike Online M24

Counter Strike Online M24

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  • The weapon's scope image is based on the one used in Counter-Strike: Source.
  • When the M24 is wielded, the player can move as fast as when wielding a melee weapon.
  • Like the XM2010 and the M82, the rifle is held down and only brought up when fired.
  • The original M24 in real life does not feature a detachable magazine. Insted, it is fed with an internal magazine and has to be loaded one round at a time.
    • The gun in-game is likely based off the M24A2 variant, which does feature a detachable magazine

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