Round Retry
Round Retry icon
Effects Retry the lost round
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy Singapore/Malaysia
2000 CASH (5 units)
3200 CASH (10 units)
8400 CASH (30 units)

14000 CASH (5 units)
25200 CASH (10 units)
60480 CASH (30 units)

10000 points (10 units)
23000 points (30 units)

10000 points (10 units)
23000 points (30 units)

Date added Alongside Zombie Scenario

Round Retry is an item exclusive to Human Scenario and Zombie Scenario in Counter-Strike Online. It is purchasable with cash points.


When a round fails and the countdown starts, anyone can restart the following round with an optimal condition by pressing R on the keyboard in the scenario mode. One quantity of item will be consumed upon restart. The user will get $32,000 as a reward for restarting the round as an incentive.


Z-Noid patch
  • After 28 January 2016, if the player uses Round Retry item, all players will respawn immediately, instead of running the round all over again.


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