SVD Custom
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Assault rifle

Added since

Zombie hero


Soviet Usa flag

Cash point


Game point


Price in match


Base damage
  • 96 (gut and leg)
  • 400 (chest)
  • 1400+ (head)




Rate of fire


Percentage speed reduction


Knockback Power


Stun Power


Magazine Size
  • 20 / 180 (Carbine)
  • 10 (Grenade launcher)
Fire Mode
  • Semi-automatic (Carbine)
  • Single-shot (Grenade launcher)

Hud 7.62 cs 40mm hud

Reload Time
  • 3.8 seconds (Carbine)
  • 2.8 seconds (Grenade launcher)
Secondary fire / Modes

M203 Grenade Launcher

Used by

Hero sHero s

System name


For original version, see Dragunov SVD.

SVD Custom is a special assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


The SVD Custom is an SVD sniper rifle modification, fitted with a Barrett style muzzle brake, 20 rounds magazine, EO-Tech optic and an M203 Grenade Launcher. It is extremely powerful, one of the weapons with the most potent damage possible. This weapon is only available in Zombie 3: Hero exclusive to Hero/Heroine only. SVD Custom cannot be obtained anywhere outside Zombie: Hero. Its secondary attack switches to grenade launcher mode. Moreover, this weapon cannot be dropped by the player nor the Deimos shock ability.


  • Deals very high damage to zombies
  • Large magnitude grenade explosives
  • Very accurate in carbine mode
  • Light weight
  • High stun power
  • Medium penetration power


  • Usable only when the player is chosen to become Hero/Heroine
  • Takes time to change firing mode
  • Long reload time
  • Low rate of fire




Semi-auto mode (Carbine)

  • Aim for the head for maximum performance of this rifle.
  • Just shoot continuously as it is very accurate but never get close to a zombie.
  • Try not to use this weapon when escaping from zombies as this weapon is not very accurate when being shot in motion.
  • In ducts, it can deal multiple number of zombies and can penetrate a body of zombie.
  • Try not to spam shots with this weapon, as this weapon's ammo is limited (20 rounds).
  • 20 rounds can take out zombies with 1920 ~ 9600 health points.
  • Use secondary weapon to escape while use SVD Custom for killing (not recommended to use if there is large group of zombies).

M203 GL mode

  • Use grenade launcher mode to engage multiple zombies, especially when camping.
  • Never use M203 grenade launcher in ducts as you will end up losing your own health.


  • Always jump to avoid receiving a headshot.
  • Sneak from behind if possible as this weapon can deal very high damage.
  • If playing as Deimos, releasing the shock ability to the Hero/Heroine is useless as they are immune to the ability.
  • Never go face-to-face with Hero/Heroine, unless if you have 14000 health points.
  • Zombies may target Hero/Heroine first, use this advantage to strike.
  • Do not engage the Hero/Heroine in ducts as human shots are very accurate in crouching position. This condition will get worse if the Hero/Heroine uses the Deadly Shot skill or a maxed Morale Boost level.
  • Cooperate with Voodoo Zombie when facing this weapon.


Zombie The Hero Montage Video04:11

Zombie The Hero Montage Video


Firing sound (carbine)


Firing sound (grenade launcher)

Svdex draw

Pulling the charging handle while changing into carbine mode

Svdex foley4

Changing into grenade launcher mode

Reload svdex carbine

Reload sound (carbine)

Reload svdex m203

Reload sound (grenade launcher)


  • It has the lowest magazine capacity for an assault rifle alongside M14 EBR.
  • In real-life, the grenade will not explode if the shooter fires it at close distances.
  • The SVD Custom's grenade launcher ejects a whole unfired grenade when reloading, while other grenade launchers like the M32, OICW and the M79 ejects empty grenade shells when reloaded.
  • It is not required to pull the bolt again when switching back into 'rifle' mode in real-life.
  • The model shows the weapon's fire selector is on safety position, which means the gun wouldn't be able to fire in real-life. This mistake also can be found in its predecessor, the original SVD.
  • Since the weapon can't be dropped by normal means, the worldmodel of the SVD Custom is never seen and thus rendering its assigned world model unused. This, however, could be done in previous releases if the player had become Hero before choosing its custom weapons and later equips them.
  • Even if the Hero commits suicide, the weapon still can't be dropped.
  • Before the Zombie Mode Rework patch, this weapon was exclusive for Hero only.

External links

  • SVD at Wikipedia.
  • M203 at Wikipedia.

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