Smoke grenade
Smokegrenade s
Price in match$300
Used forCreate a smoke screen for escaping or disturb concentration.
System codesmokegrenade

Room restrict limitfragheSmoke grenade is a type of grenade available in Counter-Strike series and Counter Strike Online 2. When thrown, it creates a medium-sized grey smoke which can be used as an escape tactic or to disturb enemies' concentration.


After the Smoke Grenade thrown, it will turn into a grey smoke cloud that can be used for hiding or assaulting purposes.


  • Can effectively hide your team if thrown correctly
  • Can make a good distraction if not used for covering purposes


  • Causes no damage to the other team other than line of vision for a short time
  • If thrown at a group of enemies wrongly, it can end up making them more or less visible to you and your team



  • In Source engine, you cannot see anything behind the smoke.

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