Spare Magazine
Superior Spare Magazine
Effects Increases spare ammo count in Zombie Scenario
Source Dr. A's Trunk
Cost to buy N/A
Date added Alongside Zombie Scenario Re:boot

Spare Magazine is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


This item is only available after Zombie Scenario Re:boot.

A spare gun magazine developed by Dr.A. It is made with a special material that is able to last long in the concentrated battle. By possessing this item in your inventory, your spare ammunition will increase to a higher amount varying on the grade of the item.


Spare Magazine can be obtained randomly by opening Dr. A's Trunk after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. The grades of Spare Magazine acquired vary on the grade of Dr. A's Trunk. For instance, opening Low Grade Dr. A's Trunk will give you a Low Grade Spare Magazine.


Item Grade Effect
Lowmagazineup Inferior Spare ammo will upgrade to stage 3 in Zombie Scenario
Midmagazineup Intermediate Spare ammo will upgrade to stage 5 in Zombie Scenario
Highmagazineup Superior Spare ammo will upgrade to stage 7 in Zombie Scenario

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