Special Mission
Special mission promo
Type Mission
Time range 27 April 2011 ~ Present
Description Complete given missions and redeem prizes.

Special Mission is a singular daily challenge in Counter-Strike Online.


All players are given one different mission to be completed, and players are assigned a new mission on every 6 AM the following day. Any rewards that are not claimed before that time frame will be removed.

For a mission's progress to be counted, there must be at least four human players in the same game. Bot-based special missions are an exception, as they can be done by the player alone.

After completing the mission, the player can choose whether to redeem for a random 3-days cash weapons/EXP Coupon or 4000 game points.


The players are given one of the following missions everyday:

Mode Mission
Original Kill 15 enemies
Deathmatch Kill 60 enemies
Team Deathmatch Kill 45 enemies
Bot Original Kill 50 bot enemies
Bot Death Match Kill 120 bot enemies
Bot Team Death Match Kill 80 bot enemies
Zombie: The Original Kill 10 zombies
Zombie: The Mutation Kill 10 zombies
Zombie: The Hero Kill 5 zombies
Zombie Scenario Kill 300 zombies
Human Scenario Kill 150 Vanguard Troops
Gun Deathmatch Kill 45 enemies
Basic Kill 45 enemies
Bot Zombie Mod Kill 30 zombies
Rush Battle Kill 100 enemies
Beast Kill 100 Yetis
New Zombie Shelter Kill 300 zombies
Zombie 4: Darkness Kill 10 zombies
Zombie Giant Kill 3 Giant Zombies


Title Description Task
Specialist[Specialist] Gentleman, sincerity and industriousness is a more dangerous weapon than gun and knife. Prove yourself with unstoppable industriousness. Achieve a special mission continuously for 30 days.

Special Mission Prize Change

After the 18 December 2014 update of South Korea, the prizes were changed. The players are now able to choose between two types of prizes:

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