For a CSO2 map that shares the same name, see Studio (map).

Studio is an interactive community-based mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Hinted since 6 months before its actual release in OBT (Open Beta Test), this long-awaited mode is a mode that enables the player to build their own maps and share it with others. There are six existing maps available and built with this mode for player's references.

Release date

  • South Korea:
    • 11 May ~ 1 June 2017 (Beta Test)
    • 13 July 2017 (Official Release)
  • CSN:Z: 29 November 2017.

Default maps

These are the default maps available built with this mode.

Map Name Description
Zf warehouse Distribution Warehouse This is a simple yet hard map to complete. There are many zombies spawn in this area and you have limited starter weapon.
Zf assault Assault This is the rebuilt version of Assault. You are given a set of weapons at the start of the round and must reach the escape zone safely. There are several simple riddles to be solved such as finding keys to open a door.
Zf train Train Rebuilt version of Train with zombie theme. You are given series of weapons throughout the journey and must reach from T spawn to CT spawn to escape. There are several strong zombies and you must defeat them all to proceed further.
Zf tutorial #1 Bells Institute Experiment (Tutorial) This map has many riddles and it serves as a tutorial map for newbies. It shows many functions and triggers available throughout this mode. The story revolves a man who is trapped in a haunted mansion where he finally can escape with an aid of a SAS operative.
Zf bellsinstitute #2 Enter the Bells Institute This map revolves around David Black, whose place was burned down and he managed to escape to an unknown place. There, he enters a place which is called Bells Institute. There are many hard riddles in this map.
Zf mansionescape Lab Journal #1 Mansion Escape This map revolves around Gerard, who is trying to escape from a mansion. There are many confusing riddles in this map and may be laggy for low-spec PCs.
Hospital escape Hospital Escape The protagonist, who escaped from the mansion, arrives at the hospital in search of a vaccine needed for treatment. Find a vaccine and escape from an unidentified hospital!
Play with yuri Play with Yuri A mission to play with the first investor granddaughter of the Institute. Complete the Yuri task in the space created to her taste! This is a Maple Story themed map with slime and mushrooms as hostiles and it's only available in Korea and Japan regions.
CS1CSOL4 Floating Isles A mission takes place in a traditional Chinese era. There special NPCs and special enemies there. This map's default mode is Zombie 3: Hero. This mission is only exclusive to Taiwan and China regions.
Metrocity Metro City Farm ton of items at the same time at the start of the game and is springing up in time killing enemies to avoid the damage of the field and the last one is a map that is. Studio original map in urban form. There are various devices dedicated to studio mode. This map heavily resembles PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.



There are several weapons released to be used in Create and Play modes.

Create Mode

These weapons are only available during editing.

Weapon Name Description
Vxllonggun Voxel Rifle This is a basic gun to create and demolish a block.
Vxlshortgun Voxel Pistol It shares the same function as the Voxel Rifle except it is used to create or demolish a block in near distance.
Vxlminigun Voxel Minigun Shares the same function as the Voxel Rifle, except it has higher fire rate. It is used to create large maps.
Vxlconnector Voxel Connector It is used to link and cancel commands. For example, linking a switch to a door to make the door opened when the switch is turned on.
Vxleditor Voxel Spinner It is used to spin a block for correct alignment.
Vxlscanner Voxel Scanner It is used to scan a texture. It is an important device to make a consistent texture.
Play Mode

These weapons can be used in actual game play (if you put them in Editing mode beforehand).

Weapon Name Description
Vxljunkgun Voxel Junk Gun When fired, a box of junk cubes pop out and create a box junk at the target area. The junk has 100 HP and can be destroyed. It can pop out 50 junks. The secondary fire drills with a melee attack and does 50 damage per hit.
Vxlgrenade Voxel Grenade When thrown, it will explode and create a group of junks. These junks has 100 HP each and can be destroyed. The grenade can also attach to a surface when thrown.


The zombies are ported from Zombie File and has several classes.

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man normal 07 l 0 30 0 40 6 1.8 1000
Zombie man normal 01 l 1 250 0 40 6 1.8 1000
Zombie man normal 02 l 2 350 0 50 10 1.6 1000
Zombie man normal 03 l 3 500 0 60 14 1.4 1000
Zombie man normal 04 l 4 700 100 70 20 1.36 1200
Zombie man normal 05 l 5 1000 100 80 24 1.25 1200
Zombie man normal 06 l 6 1200 150 80 32 1.12 1600

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man normal 08 l 0 25 0 250 5 1.5 1600
Zombie man aggro 01 l 1 150 0 260 10 1.45 1600
Zombie man aggro 02 l 2 200 0 270 14 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 01 l 3 300 0 280 18 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 02 l 4 400 50 290 22 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 03 l 5 550 100 280 18 1.3 1600
Zombie man run 04 l 6 700 100 290 22 1.3 1600

Zombie Level Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Zombie man heavy 01 l A 2000 200 80 20 1.2 1400
Zombie man heavy 02 l B 2500 500 65 36 1.25 1400

Mushrooms & Slimes

These monsters can be obtained after the player has purchased the Maple Story pack. (Only for Korea and Japan regions.)

Monster Name Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
Vxl monster mushroom01 l Mushroom 30 0 40 6 1.8 1600
Vxl monster mushroom02 l Advanced Mushroom 200 0 100 10 1.6 1600
Vxl monster mushroom03 l Red Mushroom 750 100 100 22 1.4 1600
Vxl monster slime01 l Slime King 1000 0 150 18 1.36 1600
Vxl monster slime02 l Slime Common 50 0 50 10 1.36 1600

This monster is only available after purchasing the Xmas pack.

Monster Name Health Armor Speed Damage Range Attack Speed View Distance
Vxl npc snowman l Snowman 250 100 200 16 400 1.2 1000

These enemy can be obtained after the player has purchased the Chinese style pack. (only for Taiwan/Hong Kong and China regions.)

Yellow Turban Rebellion Name Health Armor Speed Damage Attack Speed View Distance
 ??? Yellow Turban Rebellion Soldier 200 100 250 12 1.8 1400
 ??? Yellow Turban Rebellion General 1500 500 250 24 1.25 1400


There are several NPCs that the player can put to do several interactions during the game. The players can set their starting speech, what item they want, password to proceed as well as their animations. When completed the given quest, the NPC can be set to grant a new item or open a door, or anything to proceed further into the game.


There are several scripts or functions that the player can put to make the map more interactive.

Icon Description
And gate AND is used to combine several inputs to unlock a new output. For example, to open a door, the player must collect 3 different types of keys.
Announce ANNOUNCE is used to provide a HUD character speaking like in Scenario modes. The player can set which character to speak and their sentences alongside emotions.
Area 1x1x1 TRIGGER is used to commence an action. It is an invisible brush where the linked actions are run when a player go through it.
Blink gate BLINK is a function that do a repeating script. It is usually used on lamps where the lamp will blink (on and off continuously) to give a damaged lamp effect.
Button02 BUTTON is a basic function to start a trigger. It can be linked to something to give an output. The player must look onto the button and press E to activate or turn it off. The effect is one time and not permanent.
C4bomb C4 BOMB is a function where the player can activate a C4. The player must insert C4 password to activate it. The password for C4 is set in Editing mode as well as detonating time. It gives out an explosion sprite when it detonates but it does not do any damage. Link it with intractable objects to give an output.
Contents clip CLIP is an invisible brush that serves as the invisible wall. It is usually used to block the players from reaching unwanted part.
Countdown COUNTDOWN is a function where a HUD will appear on middle left part of player screen when activated. The player can set its time and the message.
Damage all HURT is an invisible brush to decrease player HP when in the area. The player can set the HURT function to harm all, humans or zombies only.
Delay gate DELAY is used to give a delayed output. For example, when a DELAY function is put between a switch and a door, and the value is put as 5, the door will open in 5 seconds after the switch is turned on.
Emitsound EMIT SOUND is a common function to provide sounds. The sound can be ambiance sound or can be set to play only when triggered.
Item checker ITEM CHECKER is a function that 'lock' a certain door or path until the listed items are met. This function must be linked with the door in order to function properly.
Item disassembler DISASSEMBLE is a function to break down a single item to give out two or more items.
Item nothing ITEM is a function to give items. There are many types of items can be set.
Item synthesizer SYNTHESIZER is a function to combine several items to become one new item.
Kill all KILL is an invisible brush that kills the player when touched regardless how many HP is left. The editor can set the effect to take place on humans, zombies or both.
Lever01 LEVER is similar with button function.
Mp3 MUSIC is a function to play a music when triggered. There are many tunes in CSO that can be selected.
Not gate NOT is a gate function that gives a negative effect to the output. For example, instead of closing the door when triggered, the door will open by default and closed when triggered.
Once gate ONCE is a gate function where the event can only occur once.
Or gate OR is a gate function to provide the result with the existence of any input. For example, when OR function is put between a door and 3 keys, the door can be opened with any of these 3 keys.
Piston PISTON is a function where it can elongate the player to reach a new place. The editor can set the length of the piston.
Player spawn PLAYER SPAWN is a function that serves as the spawning point of a player. The editor can choose between CT or T.
Portal PORTAL is a function that enables the player to move from a point to another point in an instant. The editor must link between two portal points in order to function.
Pressure01 PRESSURE is a function that activates output when a player steps on it. It is usually used as a trap activator. However, it can be skipped by jumping over it.
Push 1x1x1 PUSH is an invisible function that push player according to the speed and direction. The editor can set the speed and direction of the push.
Reading book BOOK is a 'reading' function where the player can read by pressing the E button on it. There are 5 pages and the player can write anything in every page. It can be used to drop hints for password or something by camouflaging it with story or event.
Reading computer COMPUTER is a 'lock' function where the player needs to enter a correct password to 'unlock' something. The editor can set the welcome, wrong and correct passwords texts.
Reading memo MEMO is a 'reading' function where the player can put hints for other things. Unlike BOOK, it is only available in 1 page.
Relay gate RELAY is a 'gate' function where the player can relay commands to wider outputs. The limit of a single function is 5 outputs. With RELAY function, it can spread 5 other outputs which can increase the number of output. It is usually used to spawn zombies.
Round clear ROUND CLEAR is a 'flag' function where a 'Round Clear' banner will pop out after the trigger has been activated. The player will automatically quit the game after that.
Round fail ROUND FAIL is another 'flag' function as a negative for the Round Clear.
Sand 1x1x1 door01 CROUCH DOOR is a small door which only can be entered by crouching. It can be opened with the E key by default and is locked when when connected to a trigger.
Sand 1x1x1 downdoor01 TUNNEL DOOR is a small door which grant access from upper area to a lower area.
Sand 1x1x2 door01 NORMAL DOOR is a standard door that is used as a channel wall. Same as other door, it can be opened by default and only locked when connected to a trigger.
Sand a decoy01 DECOY is a zombie-attracting device that is offed by default. It can opened directly if not connected to any trigger.
Sand a grenade02 JUNK CUBE is a cube formed when a Junk Gun is fired or a Voxel Grenade exploded. It has 100 HP and can be destroyed.
Sand a portcullis01 GATE is same as door function except it is larger and the player can see through it.
Sand a target01 TARGET is a function which acts as a trigger when shot. The TARGET is lied down by default and must be triggered first to stand up. After stand up, the player must shoot it to activate the output.
Sand a up light01 LIGHT is a function that give out light to lighten up the surrounding area. It can be turned off with a trigger.
Sand blue water01 WATER is a function where the player can swim. The HP will decrease if the player spends much time in water and will regenerate back when reaching the surface.
Sand break strongbox01 STRONG BOX is a box that can only be destroyed with a trigger.
Sand break weakbox01 WEAK BOX is a box that can be destroyed by shooting it. It has 100 HP.
Stuwpn nothing STUDIO WEAPON SPAWN is a function to spawn a Studio Weapon. The available weapons are Junk Gun and Voxel Grenade.
Switch01 SWITCH is a function that can activate and deactivate an output.
Textboardbg 1 TEXT BOARD is a function where the player can type down message and make it appears on a board.
Toggle gate TOGGLE is a gate function where the player needs to press E on the trigger to carry out the output. It is usually used to put secrets paths, shortcut, or easter eggs.
Transit 1x1x1 TRANSIT is a moving function which can be used as a lift or elevator. The editor can set its direction and moving length.
Weapon remover 1x1x1 WEAPON REMOVER is an invisible block where the player's inventory is reset to zero. It is usually used for a fresh start of a new adventure or to avoid overpowered weapons.
Wpn nothing WEAPON SPAWN is a function where the editor can put a weapon for the player to pick up. The weapons available are the basic weapons from original Counter-Strike weapons as well as ammo, armor, flashlight, night vision google and medical kits. The editor can set whether the weapon can only be picked once or many times. The editor can also put the time before the weapon is respawned.
Account checker ACCOUNT CHECKER is a block that can be used to set up items to buy items. Maximum 5 outgoing signals.
Common a bambooladder01 BAMBOO LADDER is a city theme ladder.
Common a siren01 SIREN is a function used for fire station siren. Maximum reception: 1
Common a surf01 SURF moving block.
Damage field all DAMAGE FIELD is a block that expands the field that deals damage to humans and/or zombies when they receive a signal. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. The minimum and maximum radius can be set.
Firehouse b firepipe sw01 FIRE PIPE is a [E]-key operated valve switches. Maximum send-able signals: 5
Firehouse b valve sw01 VALVE is a [E]-key operated valve switches. Maximum send-able signals: 5
Item seller ITEM SELLER is a block that can sell the set item. The item type and price can be changed.
Particle emitter PARTICLE EMITTER is a block that can generate various particles. Maximum reception signal: 1
Random relay gate RANDOM RELAY. Maximum number of outgoing signals: 5. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. Invisible blocks in play mode.
Repeatable area 1x1x1 REPEATABLE AREA is repeatedly turn ON signal when entering the area. Maximum Signal: 5. Invisible block in play mode.
Reset RESET TRIGGER. Maximum number of outgoing signals: 5. Maximum number of receive signals: 1. Invisible blocks in play mode

Weapons that can be spawned in Studio mode:

Publishing your map

When your map is done, you can publish it for everyone to play. Mileage Points are needed in order to be published. For every 10 cubes used in the map, 1 Mileage Point is needed. If your map has 1000 cubes, you need to pay 100 Mileage Points to publish your map. Once published, people can test it and leave subscription, likes and recommendations to your map. The more likes you get, the higher chance you have for your map to be featured in the main lobby.


There are several packs released separately and have their own exclusive contents.


카스온라인 스튜디오 모드 정식 오픈!00:53

카스온라인 스튜디오 모드 정식 오픈!

【CSO.殭王】Studio 古都系列,帶你看看全新建材、天空城、古代村莊。41:57

【CSO.殭王】Studio 古都系列,帶你看看全新建材、天空城、古代村莊。

CSO 韓國8月10日更新:楓之谷地圖遊玩 South Korea 8 10 Updates Maple Story Theme Map Gameplay05:36

CSO 韓國8月10日更新:楓之谷地圖遊玩 South Korea 8 10 Updates Maple Story Theme Map Gameplay


  • This mode is likely to be influenced by a popular sandbox game, Garry's Mod.
  • Unlike Valve Hammer Editor, this mode does not support curve splicing. Objects in it are in larger ratios.
  • This mode is similar to an open source game, Cube and Cube 2: Sauerbraten with the Edit mode.
  • The production of Studio mode is known to start at early 2016. Since the start of the production, the updates of CSO in 2016 are getting slower because they were dedicating their focus on this mode. That is probably the reason why there are no new mods released that year.

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