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Original 2Zombie original 1
Michael Visser aka 3D_Mike

Room degree hard

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Release Date

10 April 2013

23 September 2014

26 March 2015

12 April 2016


Crashed cargo plane




Snowy day

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Survivor (de_survivor) is an official bomb defuse map in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Online. It was added into the game since Counter-Strike 1.5.


  • Terrorists: Bomb Truck or Crashed plane.
  • Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the Terrorists from bombing.
  • Storyline: In a heavy snowstorm a plane carrying a top secret load gets in trouble. The inboard guard parachute to safety. They recover the crashed plane and start unloading the cargo into a captured truck. But the weather plays a second trick as heavy snowfall prevent the SWAT-team from getting the entire cargo over to the truck. Terrorist have tracked the plane as well and in an attempt to prevent the SWAT-Team from escaping with their valuable load they set a plan to bomb the two possible locations of the load.

Tips and tricks


There is a frozen river near the Terrorist spawn base. If a player steps on it, it will break and force the player to fall into the river. As long as the player in the river, the player's health will decrease by 3 per second.

Bomb Defuse Scenario


Plant the C4 in bombsite B and climb up a cliff. Wait for the Counter-Terrorists to come and kill them without getting noticed.

Zombie Mods

  • There are many campsites like at the cliffs near Bombsite A, on the signboard at Bombsite B and in the houses in the village.
    • Light machine guns such as M249 and MG36 are recommended to camp at the cliffs.
    • The signboard is hard to climb. However, in return, this place is safe and recommended to use heavy machine guns such MG3 and M134 Minigun.
  • Light zombie can run faster than Regular zombie, which is very important because this map is large and wide.
  • Avoid using submachine guns like MP5 when camping, because you will end up with getting infected. Find supply boxes and pick up stronger weapons.
  • There is a house in the village which can be entered with the help of a teammate. It is a place where is unreachable from zombies and a safe place to hide. Use shotguns to knock away the zombies that are trying to enter the house.

Release date

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 10 April 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.
  • Indonesia: 12 April 2016.


Counter-Strike Online Zombie Mode 3 Gameplay

Counter-Strike Online Zombie Mode 3 Gameplay


  • This is one of the maps that has map creator info hidden behind the walls.
  • "The only crate in the map" refers to the map builder. Crate is the simplest thing to create in maps.
  • This map is famous in Zombie Mods.
  • The airplane in this map is mirrored in Envy Mask.

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