Dragon Tattoo on player's forearm
Effects Decorates player's forearm with tattoos
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy Singapore/ Malaysia

Dragon Tattoo

  • 800 Cash (3 days)
  • 1600 Cash (10 days)
  • 2400 Cash (30 days)

Tiger Tattoo

  • 700 Cash (3 days)
  • 1400 Cash (10 days)
  • 2100 Cash (30 days)

Flame Tattoo

  • Free edition (3 days)
Date added Singapore/Malaysia
9 March 2012

23 September 2014

26 March 2015

Tattoo is the second Cosmetic item introduced in Counter-Strike Online that can be obtained through by several ways according to the tattoo.


There are currently 10 different kinds of tattoos that have their own respective patterns and the player's wrist will be tattooed according to the equipped tattoo. Tattoos are the only Cosmetic items that have no side effects in-game other than giving an EXP and point bonus.



8 March 2012
  • Flame tattoo was given to all player for 3 days.
  • Tiger tattoo was sold in Shop for 700 cash points for 3 days.
  • Dragon tattoo was sold in Shop for 800 cash points for 3 days.

Tattoo Patterns

Icon Name Overview Effects
Ttchaos 1 Flame Arm shows the mysterious black lines and stripes of a flame. +5% (10% for Internet Cafe) more EXP and points.
Tttiger 1 Tiger Arm depicts a tiger roaring. +5% (10% for Internet Cafe) more EXP and points.
Ttdragon 1 Dragon Tattoo of a dragon-shaped pattern, circling gesture carved on the arm. +5% (10% for Internet Cafe) more EXP and points.
Ttbambou Shochiku The arms carved with Five-character quatrains and Zhu Ying, the body in a bloody battlefield flooded, do you have to feel this sense of poetic sub? +5% (10% for Internet Cafe) more EXP and points.
Ttcustom Chi Tattoo of a Chi-like pattern carved on the arm, rumors state that priests had sealed their magic strength in it. N/A
Ttlettertw3 Found a fool Fool shot it full. Contributors work for players of Taiwan's Zhang Zi Qian. N/A
Ttlettertw2 Headshot gun god HS Stranglehold players Ji Herald Secret Ji joined. Contributors work. N/A
Ttlettertw1 Disdain for the world Fate of the world slaughter all directions magic fire to worry about Taiwan players. Contributors work. N/A

Icon Name Overview Effects
Ttpoisonfire Poison Fire A poison fire shaped tattoo. Health, Attack, Movement Speed, Armor and Ammo's maximum level will increase by 1 if you equip it in Zombie Scenario.
Ttsnow Snow Crystal A snow crystal shaped tattoo. Maximizes the user's Attack Power by 5 once in use in Zombie Scenario.
Ttsnake Snake Serpents based off the zombified Dr. Rex ones. Augments the user's Attack Power stats by 3 and Life Power by 2 once in use in Zombie Scenario.
Ttdione Dione Dione-shaped tattoo. Movement Speed increases by 5 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.
Ttgluttony Gluttony Gluttony-shaped tattoo. Health increases by 5 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.
Ttmadmechanic Mad Mechanic Robot-shaped tattoo. Health increases by 2, Armor increases by 3 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.
Ttphobos Phobos Phobos-sample-shaped tattoo. Armor increases by 3, Ammo increases by 2 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.
Ttrustyscorpion Rusty Scorpion Scorpion-shaped tattoo. Damage increases by 3, Movement Speed increases by 2 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.
Ttzavistneid Envy Neid & Zavist-shaped tattoo. Health increases by 3, Damage increases by 2 when equipped in Zombie Scenario.

Icon Name Overview Effects
Ttcsowc1 CSOWC A special tattoo to celebrate CSO World Championship. +5% (10% for Internet Cafe) more EXP and points.



  • Tattoos can only be seen in first person view.
  • In Indonesia region, the Dragon tattoo could be obtained permanently for many times by using the Facebook feature. But, this bug was fixed in later updates.
  • Some characters show the tattoos listed above. For instance, David Black's forearm can be seen with the Flame tattoo.
  • Male characters' skin and even gloves will experience a darker shade according to the tattoo displayed. This, however, doesn't affect female characters'.
  • The preview for some of the latest scenario tattoos show texture misalignments and there's also a few differences between gloves.

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