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Fun tdm

ItemTeam Deathmatch Item Battle is a fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.

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The goal is to kill the enemy team with various special items to achieve the victory condition and Kill/Death will not accumulate. This mode is similar to Zombie: The Union, except it won't have any zombies and only one item can be stored. Note that all fall damage is nullified.

Compatible maps



Icon Name Description
Zbt invincibility Invincibility No damage received for 4.5 seconds.
Fun maxhpup HP Up Increases maximum health points to 500 for 5 seconds
Zbt fast Speed Up Increases the movement speed for 4.5 seconds.
Zbt damagedouble Triple Damage Triples the attack damage for 5 seconds.
Fun snowman Snowman Summons a suicide Pierrot that homes into a nearby enemy. Has 100 hit points and can be killed.
Fun fartbomb Poison Bomb Creates a cloud of poison that will reduce enemies health points.
Zbt nuclearhe Nuclear Bomb Release a nuclear bomb to annihilate enemies in the bomb radius.
Fun knockbackbomb Knockback Pushes enemies out of the impact radius.
Fun slowbomb Retard Bomb Slows enemies movement down for a period of time in the impact radius


CS Online TDM - Checkmate09:22

CS Online TDM - Checkmate

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