• So Recently Korea Region making a statement about Official Release Studio in indonesia which is gonna be held on Q4 2017 Which is gonna be on October November & December and yet Our Developer which is Megaxus didnt release it yet until now ( December 31st ) and They gonna update on 10 January which is on Q1 2018 Which is very dissapointing For me or maybe us

    anyone got an idea Why The Developer ( Megaxus ) didnt update the studio in CSOID until now ?

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    • So i've write a similiar thread to this, i will just quoting ConTraz's Line here :

      "It's not Megaxus that control the updates. It's Nexon's. So don't put a blame on them. With the Nexon, I mean Nexon South Korea."

      If you're interested to read my thread go check out :

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    • Yeah, it's Nexon's. They announce openly that they are going to update Studio in Q4 but you know, Nexon always mess everything up.

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