Transcendence Piece
Effects Collect 888 pieces to get one of the Buff Weapons
Source Event
Cost to buy
Date added South Korea
17 September 2015

Taiwan/Hong Kong
22 September 2015

23 September 2015

30 September 2015

14 December 2015

Transcendence Piece is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


Only obtainable during events.

Collect 888 pieces to get one of the Buff Weapons. Only 1 unit of these weapons can be obtained.

The Transcendence Piece can be obtained through Mileage Decoders, S-Box, B-Box, J-Box and some certain events. If Mileage Decoders are used, a random amount of pieces will be obtained, the highest number of obtainable pieces is 800, just like the Duration Extender.

Release date

  • South Korea: 17 September 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 22 September 2015.
  • China: 23 September 2015.
  • Japan: 30 September 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 14 December 2015.


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