Hello fellow players of Counter Strike Online

As a starter of this blog post i am doing, I recently joined the Wiki due to some much needed editing of the CS:GO article found in this wiki.

I am training to be a CSGO Esports player one day and it seems like some of the users here have no to little knowledge about CSGO, so let me have the honor of giving you a basic "Kick-up" of how many differences does CSGO have on the Asia-Exclusive, Counter-Strike Online (1 & 2)

First off, There are NO Female Characters in CSGO, now. you might ask "Why would they remove the near Scantily-clad beauties and waifus from ever participating in glorious combat?!?!" Well, you see. The Western FPS genre is particularly focused on Storyline and Realism. So that's the reason why you can't see a Blonde teenage terrorist holding an AWP trying to gun down a Teenage Navy SEAL who's just wearing a one piece swimsuit, Instead of that. in CSGO Dust2, the map pits the Elites vs.The IDF which is realistic. unlike CSO where logic has no place in it (Sorry). The Maps have specific factions that you can play as, for example. In the CSGO map Vertigo where the SWAT are trying to stop the Professionals from planting a bomb in a incomplete skyscraper

Now next on the list is Weapons, Now, Unlike CSO's diverse range of weaponry and it keeps getting added with variants that boost the stats of the weapon or has different firing modes. CSGO basically throws that stuff right outta the window and then our good old friend Realism came back. Some guns in CSGO have their own strengths and weaknesses, For Example. The CSGO AWP is only used for defense of a bomb site or holding a choke point in certain parts of a map, Weapons also have skins (Including Knives!) and you can only get'em if you bought them from the market or spent countless times opening crates. (also as a note, We don't have RPGs and explosive weapons in CSGO)

now finally we have modes, to put this into a more sensible way, CSGO's Arms Race is basically Gun Game from COD, also we don't have a zombies mode, in the western world, we call that Operations (Realism) also there is Competitive matchmaking where almost everyone will flame you if you did something wrong. No questions asked.

And Bravo! you have learned basic knowledge of CSGO (or useless info if you already know about it.) I mostly edit the CS:GO article in this Wiki. so come on over if you questions that weren't answered. or check out my (incomplete) profile so you could roast me for not being an Asian. jk lol

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