I'm Dark Knight and Paladin a.k.a Shifter96, decided retired to play CSO. But I will stay on this wiki to contribute.

The reason why because my friends who have suffer to play this. From my former classmate (Artea) account was banned without any reason, then (SAllSweetKilleRz) account was ripped by someone, and last (AenneaMinolthena) which his weapons lost and tooked by others in Weapon Auction. I can feel they suffer and think... "Did they hurted? But you still safe?" Honestly I can't accept those... So, that's why I decided to retired.

Not only that, I also feel if I impossible to get gold grade weapon both on decoders and on Weapon Auction. My highest luck before when I got Python Desperado (with 2 regular decoder), Pesticide Sprayer (with single regular decoder), and latest Magnum Drill (with single regular decoder). And I think it won't be happened again because my luck was lost. Then I must follow my current college program.

​You can think I was excessive to make this, but I just delivering my statement here. So, no more play this but I surely active on this wiki. If you playing CSO on my region then meet me (Shifter96), that wasn't me. I trusted my current friend to play my account.

Comeback? I don't know when I would back to play this game. Only God know...

Noobest player ever, Dark Knight and Paladin a.k.a Shifter96