When US meets Russia.
- SG/MY description
Veteran Assault Rifle Set
Buy icon
Effects Give M16A4 and AN-94 assault rifles
Source Btn store@n
Cost to buy Singapore/Malaysia
10,000 (3 days)
30,000 (10 days)
80,000 (30 days)
Date added Singapore/Malaysia
May 10, 2012

Veteran Assault Rifle Set is a weapon set in Counter-Strike Online.


This set unlocks M16A4 and AN-94 assault rifles for limited time. The AN-94 shoots 2 bullets per shot, while the M16A4 shoots 3 bullets per shot.



  • Before the Free Update patch, these weapon used to have level restriction. The players must achieve the required level (depends on each region) or higher to purchase this set.

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