Weapon Auction is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


Players are able to bid weapons with Mileage Points to get a specific weapon. The highest bidder will get the weapon permanently.

Release date

  • South Korea:
    • 28 July 2016.
    • 29 December 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong:
    • 2 August 2016.
    • 3 January 2017.
  • China/Japan:
    • 3 August 2016.
    • 4 January 2017.
  • Indonesia/CSNZ:
    • 8 February 2017.


  • Able to participate from Staff Sergeant and above
  • Top 25 Auctions criteria: Top 25 rewards of Top 50 Decoder product
  • Items Available for Auction: All permanent weapons (some weapons excluded)
  • Auction list change: every 10 seconds
  • Auction Ending Time: Top 25 - 60 minutes / Normal - 20 minutes
  • Auction Ending Time Extension: Automatically extended with an outbidding offer
  • Top 25 Auction Starting Price / Minimum Starting Bid: 500 M / 20 M


  • Set the bidding amount of a weapon as low as 700 M for normal or rare weapons. If the weapon is in high demand, you may get until 1000 M for bidding.
  • If nobody bids for 700 M, it's better for you to disassemble it to get 500 M.
  • Never put the bidding price over 1000 M for normal weapons since nobody's gonna buy it.
  • For epic weapons, 1000 M ~ 5000 M is a good start bid, depending on the weapon. Never set the Direct Buy price close to Bidding Price.


CSO Weapons Auction System Introduction04:47

CSO Weapons Auction System Introduction


  • This system is somehow similar with Steam's popular trading system.

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