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Znoid poster korea

Z-Noid is the third patch for Zombie 3: Hero in Counter-Strike Online.


After the Zombie Origins and Z-VIRUS updates, this patch introduces a new system as well as two new zombies.

Zombie DNA

Main article: Zombie DNA

The Zombie virus has once again evolved to introduce different characteristics. By applying the desired "DNA point" to different skill sets, players are able to improve the performance of the zombies. The application is universal across all zombies.

New Zombies


Two new special zombie types: Metatronic and Lilith have been added. They have a chance to be chosen randomly if the player opts for the random selecting option in Zombie 3: Hero. Unlike other zombies however, they are not enhanceable.


Z-Noid Yezi from Fiestar Interview (Counter-Strike Online)01:37

Z-Noid Yezi from Fiestar Interview (Counter-Strike Online)

카스온라인 예지 뮤직비디오 ‘지노이드’01:22

카스온라인 예지 뮤직비디오 ‘지노이드’

Storm Giant Warhammer, JANUS-7 Xmas & Z-Noid Update - China Official Trailer02:56

Storm Giant Warhammer, JANUS-7 Xmas & Z-Noid Update - China Official Trailer


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