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For the counterpart faction, see Human.
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Zombies are a faction in Counter-Strike Online. They appear in Zombie Mods, Zombie Scenario, Zombie: The Union, Zombie Escape, Zombie Shelter and Zombie escape manga.


Zombies were created when the Rex Research Institute were experimenting on living things. They later escaped from the laboratory and started infecting other humans. They were first seen in Abyss, later in other maps. During the chapter Chaos, they managed to escape to the surface and infected the people in Habana Vieja.

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Reports

Report #1: The Heorgen Case

For generations, the isolated townspeople of Heorgen survived under tyrannical rulers. In an attempt to overthrow the oppressive regime, an illicit spiritual group was founded.

This group met regularly in cellars, and focused their energies on worshipping witches, whom they believed could deliver them from their seemingly endless subjugation. However, they were eventually discovered.
The leaders, to maintain their harsh and pervasive authority over the people, sent torturers to infiltrate the gathering place and brutally murder the worshippers. The mutilated bodies were displayed in the town square for months in order to further instill fear in the townspeople and to deter similar assemblies from founding.
Over time, a mutant bacteria appeared upon one of the twisted corpses. This bacteria originally caused the muscles of the rotting body to pulsate slowly, but over time its movements became stronger, and more apparent. The corpse began standing, was destructive and fearless, and its mental state was nothing more than that of an aggressive wasp.

The first to be attacked by this animated corpse were the torturers. They were bitten and bludgeoned to death.

Then, the same bacterial mutation occurred in one of the corpses of the former torturers, and then them all, and that is how the virus began spreading from one body to another. Eventually, all the dead bodies rose up and terrorized the town. Before long, the town was covered in walking dead. There were no survivors.

The European Union took drastic action to stop the critical incident in Heorgen.
These walking dead were officially categorized as 'zombies', and to prevent the widespread risk of infection, the EU isolated the town completely, and intelligence officials classified this as a top secret case.

Furthermore, high-ranking troops who had taken oaths of secrecy were dispatched to the remote town and ordered to destroy the zombies at all costs.

From that point on, all records referring to those zombies and to the town of Heorgen were completely destroyed.

Zombie Infection

Tooltip zombie

After 20 seconds of the round, one or two of the players are chosen to become an Origin zombie (This depends on the number of players). The Origin zombie must infect all of the other humans by its claw. Infected human will turn into host zombies and must attack other humans. Zombies are considered the winner of the round if all humans are infected. In this mode zombies can't evolve and no HP regeneration.

Tooltip zombie2 01

New types of zombies have been released in this mode; Light zombie, Heavy zombie, Psycho zombie and Voodoo zombie. They will also gradually start to infect the surviving humans. They have new abilities that can regenerate their HP and evolve with the blood of humans. The origin can now execute their abilities whereas the host can't.

Tooltip zombie3 01

New playable characters are released: Hero and Heroine. These characters each hold exclusive weapons that only they can use and are meant to kill zombies (SVDEX for Hero and Quad-barreled shotgun for Heroine). The zombies are able to revive unless a headshot is inflicted upon them. However, each zombie killed will increase surviving humans morale, thus increasing their strength by 10%. This increment applies to all humans. New zombies are also released: Deimos and Ganymede. Host zombies are now able to use their skills, too.

Tooltip zombie2 04

There are several new features introduced in the new update applied to Zombie Mutation and Zombie Hero:

  • Salamander - A flamethrower that can burn enemies in close range and it can set the enemy on fire for several seconds. However, its attack range is low and it cannot be fired in water.
  • Requiem - A new map introduced takes place in a ghost town.
  • Rest - Another map introduced takes place in an abandoned church.
  • Origin - A zombie map takes place in a tomb.
  • Banshee - A witch that turns into a zombie. Can confuse humans with her grenades and sends a group of bats to pull the targeted human to her.
  • Stamper - An undertaker zombie that is able to place an Iron Maiden that can reduce human's movement speed, act as a defensive shield and can jump on it.
  • Jiang Shi - Chinese zombie that is exclusive to China regions. It shares the same performance as Ganymede.

Tooltip zombie2 05

New weapon
  • M32 MGL - A light weight grenade launcher, fed with 40×46mm grenades, a revolver-style semi-automatic grenade launcher with 6 slots.
New map
  • Forbidden - A new map that takes place in an abandoned factory.
New zombies
  • Sting Finger - A female researcher that turned into a zombie.
  • Venom Guard - A security guard turned into a zombie.
New items
  • Dual Nata Knives - A dual-wielded Nata Knife that equipped with anti-zombie toxin.
  • Antidoter - A modified flamethrower to shoot out anti-zombie toxin.

Tooltip zombie4 07 Tooltip zombie4 06 Tooltip zombie4 04 Tooltip zombie4 03 Tooltip zombie4 02

New weapon
  • M2 Browning - Portable heavy machine gun fed with 250 rounds of .50 BMG. Its firepower is superb due to its high caliber used.
New map
  • Dark City - A new map that takes place in an abandoned city.
  • Shoreline - A new map that takes place in an abandoned headquarter located at seashore.
New zombie
  • Night Stalker - A powerful zombie that only appeared during the night.
  • Spin Diver - A new zombie that has abilities of rolling and pouncing.
New item

Zombie Scenario

After 20 seconds of the round, AI-controlled zombies will start to appear and attack humans. Unlike Zombie Mods, the players do not turn into zombies after being attacked but their health points decrease instead. The players must survive the round in a certain amount of time to win or reach to a certain point in the map. At the end of some maps, the player must defeat a boss to win.

Zombie: The Union

The zombies are divided into 2 teams, Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist. Zombies in each team will help the humans engage the opposing forces.

Zombie Escape

The zombie team must infect all humans or prevent them from reaching the escape zone.

  • Blood Castle: Prevent the humans from escaping by using a hovercraft.
  • Skyline: Prevent the humans from escaping through a cargo truck.
  • Venice: Prevent the humans from escaping via Osprey.
  • Hitchhiking: Prevent humans from escaping by using a train.

Zombie classes

Main Article: Regular Zombie

The first generation zombie that is code-named as 'Normal type'. This specimen has balanced aspect of movement speed and knock back resistance against human attacks. It has the ability to berserk where the movement speed will be greatly increased and the knock back resistance is very high.

Main Article: Light Zombie

An abomination created by Dr. Rex, this zombie is code-named as 'Light type'. This specimen boasts fast movement and good jumping ability but is vulnerable when attacked. The Light Zombie origin possesses the ability to turn itself invisible.

Main Article: Heavy Zombie

An abomination created by Dr. Rex, this zombie is code-named as 'Heavy type'. This specimen is excellent for breaking humans' defensive line, and can absorb some of damage taken. The Heavy Zombie origin has an ability to pull out a device inside its body that can be used as a trap that slows down any humans caught in it.

Main Article: Psycho Zombie

This zombie was originally a co-worker biologist of Dr. Rex, when it was a human. He turned into a zombie in an accident, earning the nickname of 'psycho type'. The Psycho Zombie origin have the 'Smoke' skill that screens an area with thick smoke which lowers the sensitivity of the Human player's mouse.

Main Article: Voodoo Zombie

These magicians are infected by the Rex Virus in their own wills to obtain stronger magical power. They have abilities to cure team members with strong magical power and also curse enemies to stop them from using items and skills for a certain period of time.

Main Article: Deimos

A special zombie that started to appear in a large scale since Prototype Phobos has been discovered. Its DNA has been identified as the similar type as Phobos. This zombie is strong and powerful as it possesses most of the advantage that the current discovered zombies own. It has a skill to drop enemy's weapon with a long distance attack or make them unable to attack for a period of time.

Main Article: Ganymede

It has been classified as Siege Type Deimos according to Aegis laboratory and it is called Ganymede. Ganymede is very threatening as it has a strong HP and agility to attack human. Beside that, he can pass through bullets easily. It also has the skill to rush towards enemy with a very fast speed.

Banshee zombie
Main Article: Banshee

No one have seen Banshee before, only a ancient rumor about her. According to the rumor, Banshee is a witch zombie that is put to death by leading the heathen group. It uses magic type ability to create confusion and has the ability to capture a target from a long distance.

Main Article: Stamper

There is a rumor that a torture expert corpse in some part of Europe has revived as a Stamper and is going around killing people in a much cruel way than he was alive. He carries torturing equipment on his back to use it for various purpose.

Main Article: Sting Finger

String Finger is a female Researcher who turned into a zombie due to Z-Virus while working for an Unidentified Illegal Research Complex. With her elasticity ability, she is able to penetrate through enemies in an instant with a sharp tentacle and high jumping abilities.

Main Article: Venom Guard

Venom Guard is a male Security Guard who turned into a zombie due to Z-Virus while working for an Unidentified Illegal Research Complex. Its body has been filled up with toxic substance as it was affected by chemical waste. It has the ability to harden its body and heal injuries.

Main Article: Night Stalker

High defense and fast zombie. When the [Hardening Sprint] is activated, the knockback resistance is increased by using its arms to protect the body. Its secondary ability called [Leap Strike] enables the Night Stalker to do the second jump after the first jump to raid the enemy in a split of seconds.

This zombie is exclusive for Zombie 4: Darkness.

Main Article: Spin Diver

Small but dangerous, the Spin Diver with no doubt is the most troublesome zombie to deal with when it's regarding narrowed small areas. Although it might seem slow and highly vulnerable, it shouldn't be taken as a small menace, as once this twisted creature begins to roll, nothing or no one won't stop him from breaking through.

This zombie is exclusive for Zombie 4: Darkness.

Zombie Enhancement

After the 26th June Update, players are able to enhance their zombies, the enhancement must be done via level up on performances.

The players can view their Zombie Enhancement stats from their account info, the max level of enhancement they can achieve is 5. Enhancing your zombies will upgrade a specific ability as well as a new appearance for the chosen zombie.

Show/Hide Table

Icon Performance Type Condition Level-Up Effect
Icon move Mobility Move for 10m Movement speed increases
Icon headshot Headshot Headshot taken Reduce damages taken from headshots
Icon defence Defense Damage taken by enemy Maximum health increases
Icon jump Jump Perform a jump Jump height increases
Icon care Health Regeneration Regenerate to full health Health regeneration delay decreases and regeneration rate increases
Icon revival Resurrection Revived Maximum health increases when revived
Icon special Abilities Using abilities Ability upgrades

The upgrade of abilities is different between zombies. Here is the list of ability upgrades:

Zombie Ability Upgrade
Zombie nomal Dash Movement speed increases
Zombie light Stealth Invisibility duration increases
Zombie heavy Trap Ensnare duration increases
Zombie psycho Smokescreen Range of smoke increases

Damage reduction by smoke increases

Zombie doctor Healing Increase the amount of health recovered
Zombie deimos Impact Increases range
Zombie ganimede Dash Increases knockback resistance
Zombie vency Pulling Range increases
Confusion Duration increases
Zombie stamper Stamping Increase shockwave range after the iron maiden explodes
Zombie china Dash Increases speed
Zombie stingfinger High Jump Increases jump height
Penetration Reduces cooldown time
Zombie venomguard Hardening Increases duration
Healing Reduces cooldown time

Initial Enhanced
Zombie nomal Zombie nomal up
Zombie light Zombie light up
Zombie heavy Zombie heavy up
Zombie psycho Zombie psycho up
Zombie doctor

Zombie doctor up

Zombie deimos Zombie deimos up
Zombie ganimede Zombie ganimede up
Zombie vency Zombie vency up
Zombie stamper Zombie stamper up
Zombie china Zombie china up
Zombie stingfinger Zombie stingfinger up
Zombie venomguard

Zombie venomguard up


Counter Strike Online China Zombie Enhancement Trailer03:02

Counter Strike Online China Zombie Enhancement Trailer

Counter-Strike Online - Zombie Enhancement Feature02:51

Counter-Strike Online - Zombie Enhancement Feature

Differences between Origin and Host Zombies

A common misconception among players are the [Origin] and [Host] zombies. At the start of each round, either one or two players, depending on the amount of players joined, would be chosen as the zombies. They would be [Origin] zombies, NOT [Host] zombies.

  • [Origin] Zombies: They are the players chosen to be zombies at the start of each round. They used to be scientists, and were gradually infected with the Rex Virus.
  • [Host] Zombies: They are the devolution of the [Origin] Zombies. These zombies are similar to the Origin Zombies except that they used to be the humans - the players who had been infected by another zombie.


  • In Taiwan/Hong Kong region, when you reach the max level for all stats and decide to change the appearance of that zombie, the player model will be changed, but not the hands.

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