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Zombie mutation Zombie: The Mutation (Zombie Mode 2) is a sustainability from Zombie: The Original.

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As the humans mainly had advantage over zombies in its predecessor, the developer (Nexon) decided that in this new mode, there are new weapons and skills added to increase the "thrill" in fighting zombies, as well as powerups for zombies to aid in their fighting capabilities.

Zombie new skills

Regeneration ability

Zombie regenerate example

A zombie is regenerating

A zombie whether a host zombie or origin zombie can regenerate their health (200 HP per second for origin zombie and 400 HP per second for host zombie) when standing still or idle and not attacked for 3 seconds.

Zombi heal

Heal sound

Zombi heal female

Ditto, Light Zombie

Zombi heal heavy

Ditto, Heavy Zombie and Venom Guard


Kills indicator

A host zombie had affected five humans

The blood of the humans are the source of the zombie's strength. Do not allow them to massacre your teammates or they will evolve to powerful zombies.

A host zombie can evolve into origin zombie by infecting 3 human players in a single round. They will gain the same special abilities that the origin zombie possesses. The health power is also boosted to 7000HP.

If the origin zombie manages to accumulate its infection to a total of 5 kills in a single round, it will evolve into a prime zombie which has a very high lifespan and armor (14000HP).

Zombi evolution

A sound that can be heard when a zombie evolute

Zombi evolution female

Ditto, female zombie version

New Types of Zombies

Type Ability Explanation Pros Cons
Normalzombi Berserk Increased movement speed for 10 seconds and has higher resistant toward human shots. Consumes 1000 health upon use. Press "G" to activate origin zombie special abilities. - -
Lightzombi Invisible Become invisible for a limited amount of time but its movement speed is reduced and cannot heal while using its "hide" ability. Humans can detect their invisibility by looking at its shadow, activating the night vision goggle or throwing a smoke grenade. High jump and move speed Low knockback resistant
Heavyzombi Trap Ability to set a trap on the floor to immobilize humans. The trap will disappear after 20 seconds if there are no victims trapped. The zombie's huge body size makes it an easy target. It also has high knockback resistance. High knockback resistant and crawling speed Low jump height and move speed
Pczombi Smoke screen Pops out black smoke that can decrease human's sight in the smoke. - -
Doctorzombi Heal Can heal nearby zombies' health and replenish armor. The origin zombie can also see the HP bar on them. - -


Supply boxes

Supply box

The Supply Box

Main article: Supply box.

Supply boxes are sent every 20 seconds randomly in the map for the humans to collect for the fight against the zombies. Supply boxes are sent by Rex Research Institute. The players may get one of the followings:

New map

Abyss 2

Zm abyss2 cso
Main article: Abyss2

There is a new rescue mission assigned by the headquarters and they confirmed that the survivors are left behind in the building of Rex Research institute B-1. The journey is not that straightforward as the player will need to make a tour through block C before reaching their location.

Beware of the zombies attack and keep a look out at all times, as it can be hiding anywhere in the building. Clear all zombies in the area and save your comrades.


Bomb Specialist
Main article: Bomb Specialist.
  • Humans: The maximal number of HE Grenades carry increases by 2.
  • Zombies: Zombies can use grenades. Grenades that use shock waves can be of great help for the zombies during the battle.
Gruesome Assassin
Main article: Gruesome Assassin.
Merciless Destruction
Main article: Merciless Destruction.
Demented Doctor
Main article: Demented Doctor.
Flame and Curse
Main article: Flame and Curse.


Title Description Task
An evolution is the truth. A best zombie player who conducts continuous evolution. -


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Counter-Strike Online - Zombie 2 Trailer

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