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Another zombie is coming!
- English announcement
Zombie original 1
Zombie original

Zombie: The Original (Zombie Mode 1) is the first of the Zombie Mods in Counter-Strike Online done by NEXON Corporation with oversight from Valve Corporation. It is based on a custom mod from Counter-Strike (Zombie Plague). There are many improvements since the original mode, making it one of the most played mode in Counter-Strike Online. Bot mode for Zombie Mods has been released in later updates.

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Zombie: The Original is round-based gameplay. After 20 seconds of a round, some players will be chosen randomly to become an origin zombie. The health and number of the zombies selected depends on the number of players in the round and can be estimated as follows:

  • For round with less than 10 players:
Health of Origin zombie = Number of players × 1000

Therefore, if there are 9 players, there is only 1 Origin zombie but with 9000 HP.

  • For round with 11 ~ 20 players:
Health of Origin zombie = ( Number of players × 1000 ) ÷ 2

Therefore, if there are 18 players, there are 2 Origin zombies with 9000 HP each.

  • For round with 21 ~ 30 players:
Health of Origin zombie = ( Number of players × 1000 ) ÷ 3

Therefore, if there are 27 players, there are 3 Origin zombies with 9000 HP each.

  • For round with 31 or 32 players:
Health of Origin zombie = ( Number of players × 1000 ) ÷ 4

Therefore, if there are 32 players, there are 4 Origin zombies with 8000 HP each.

The origin zombie must infect all of the humans with its claw. Hurting humans will turn them into a host zombie and must also infect the remaining. The zombie team is considered to be the winner of the round after all of the humans have been infected. On the other hand, the humans must either kill all zombies or survive the round unscratched in order to win.


There are several modifications for humans in this mode:

  • Reserve ammunition supply have been doubled. However, the cap is 200 rounds except for some weapons.
  • In every round start, the weapons will reset and the player must choose a new one.
  • The maximum health point limit for human is boosted to 1000.
  • The human can only wear Kevlar vest instead of Helmet.
  • The humans are unable to buy twice in the same round.


  • Zombies can only infect humans with melee attacks.
  • Zombies have very high health points (depending on the number of players), move speed and jump height.
  • It takes greater damage from melee attacks and explosive grenades.
  • Some weapons can knock zombies away.

Exclusive maps

Zm abyss cso Zm abyss2 cso Abyss3 gfx Requiem gfx Rest gfx Origin gfx Zm forbidden cso Zm darkcity cso Zm shoreline cso Bzm metro cso


Zombi coming 1 kr

South Korea version

Zombi coming 2 kr


Zb coming1

Taiwan/Hong Kong and China versions

Zb coming2


Zombi coming jpn 1

Japan version

Zombi coming jpn 2


Zombi coming 1

Singapore/Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand versions

Zombi coming 2


Zombi coming 1 csnz

CSN:Z version

Zombi coming 2csnz


Trailer CounterStrikeOnlineTurkey - Zombie The Klasik!01:00

Trailer CounterStrikeOnlineTurkey - Zombie The Klasik!


  • Earlier revisions of this mode has only 100HP for human. This was later increased to 1000HP so that humans can withstand more fall damage and explosion splash damage.
  • In Turkey, it is named as Zombie: Classic.
  • Unlike the Counter-Strike custom mode Zombie Plague, players will turn into a zombie when attacked even if they have the Kevlar. This also applies to other Zombie PvP modes, except for Zombie Union.

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