Zombie hero Zombie: The Hero (Zombie Mod 3) is the third Zombie Mod in Counter-Strike Online.

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Zombie: The Hero provides several new features for both Humans and Zombies. This mode also introduces several new types of zombies.

New Mechanics


  • Humans can now be selected as a Hero/Heroine or sidekick, each with their own set of select-able powerful exclusive weapons.
  • Humans now has morale meter. This meter can be increased by killing zombies, which grants a 10% boost with the maximum achievable boost is 230%. Being near other survivors will give a bonus 5% attack boost for each player in the vicinity.


  • The zombies can revive themselves after 5 seconds of their death unless if they were killed by a headshot. However, after being revived, the Kevlar is set to 0.
  • In contrast to the human's Morale Bar, Zombies has the Anger Bar, which can be filled by taking damage or infecting humans (Heroes or Heroines gives a dramatic boost). Once it reaches its maximum, the zombie will evolve, increasing maximum health and armor.
  • Lesser zombies are now able to use their skills just like their Host counterparts does, but with less efficiency.

New Weapon

Dbarrel gfx
Main article: Double-barreled shotgun.

Double-barreled shotgun is a 2-rounds semi automatic shotgun that does a very high damage and delivers a great punch that knocks zombies away.

New Map

Abyss3 gfx
Main article: Abyss3.

Abyss3 is the third zombie exclusive map in the Abyss series and takes place in the basement of Rex Research Institute.

New Items

  • Battle Veteran: Increases the maximum achievable boost for humans by 30% giving the total of 230%. And grants instant revival for zombies.

Special Events

Crazy Zombie Hero Event

This is a special event which is combined with Item Battle Renewal:

  • Only applied for Italy,Dust, Assault and Estate during event period.
  • The Supply Box is replaced by the special ones for Item Battle.
  • All relating medals and league score are not counted in this event.
  • Human:
    • Able to use special skills through the special Supply Boxes (including the special Ripper).
    • If becoming Hero/Heroine, player cannot gain the special Ripper.
    • Primary/secondary weapon's ammunitions resupply automatically.
  • Zombie:
    • Reduces the cooldown of all skills.
    • Zombie Grenade will restock automatically every 2 seconds after each use.
    • When enhancing to final level (Red skin), all zombie's jump height will be boosted if using Zombie Grenade.

Zombie Hero Division Event

This is a special event relates to Zombie Hero:

  • Only applied for Italy during event period.
  • All relating medals and league score are not counted in this event.
  • Human:
    • All human players can choose to be Hero/Heroine or not from the beginning of each round.
    • 'Leap' skill is added (8 key by default), can be used at anytime.
  • Zombie:
    • When starting each round, all zombie players will have clones (clones can be in different zombie kinds and have 2/3 HP of the player).
    • When a clone dies, it will split into 2 other clones. The division can be done for 2 times as maximum. At the third time, the player will be dead permanently (cannot revive until next round).
    • 'Recover' and 'Attack' skills are added (6 and 7 keys by default), can be used at anytime.

Icon Name Description
Humanskill hm ss Leap The jump height is increased dramatically.

Icon Name Description
Zombieskill divisioncome Recover Call back the clones.
Zombieskill divisionattack Attack Let the clones find and attack humans.

Release date

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 21 December 2011.
  • Indonesia: 15 February 2012.
  • Turkey: 20 November 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Zb ready

Starting Theme

Number sound


Zb start

Background Music

Human death 1

Male Human's Scream

Human death 2


Human death female 01

Female Human's Scream

Human death female 02


Zombi comeback

"I'VE RETURNED" (South Korea)

Zombi comebacktw

Ditto, TW/HK/China

Zombi comeback jpn

Ditto, Japan

Zombi comebacktr

Ditto, Turkey

Zombi comebackcsnz

Ditto, CSN:Z/Vietnam


Morale Level up

Zombi evolution


Zb end h

Human Win

Zb end z

Zombie Win


  • The Anger points given by infecting the Hero/Heroine as a lesser zombie is 10 points, but it's only 4 points when you are an host zombie.
  • The Attack Boost bar doesn't increase if a zombie suicides.
  • Some weapons will not increase the anger meter for the zombies.
  • Chances of being chosen as a sidekick are higher than being chosen as a Hero/Heroine.
  • After March 22, 2018 update in CSO Korea, some adjustments have been made:
    • Increased damage to all Hero/Heroine weapons.
    • Increased damage to all sidekick weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where the same person can be the host zombie every round.
    • Changing scoreboard and scoring formula.

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