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Zombie mutation
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Zombie modes are the Zombie Infection series modes that appeared in Counter-Strike Online. They are called Zombie PvP mode (Player vs Player):

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Zombie Mode Reorganization

After the 18 December 2014 update of South Korea, there are a few changes to Zombie Modes:

Improved Scoring Method
  • Kill Zombie Permanently (Zombie Hero): 3 points.
  • Kill Zombie Generally (Zombie Hero): 3 points.
  • Survive as Human: 7 points.
  • Zombie Kill Assist: 1 point.
  • A zombie player will receive points based on the damage taken.
The amount of Host Zombie based on player number in the room
  • 1 Host Zombie: 1-7 players.
  • 1-2 Host Zombies: 8-10 players.
  • 2 Host Zombies: 11-17 players.
  • 2-3 Host Zombies: 18-20 players.
  • 3 Host Zombies: 21-32 players.
Zombie Infection Change
  • Minimum HP of zombies is 1000.
  • Excellent Genes's effect is tweaked to 70%, instead of 90%.
  • AP value is corrected after infection.
  • 1 second invincibility after becoming zombie.
  • Enhanced damage for melee weapons, removed the Bloody Blade item.


Mission Description Task
[Zombie Hunter]
Gentleman, we must kill the zombies without traces if you do not want to have any regrets. No mercy should be given if you are a real zombie hunter. Kill 5000 Zombies in Zombie 1: Original/Zombie 2: Mutant/Zombie 3: Hero/Zombie 4: Darkness.
Survivor medal
[Master of Survival]
Gentleman, you can never give up at any one time even you are in difficult situation when killing those zombies! Survival is the key to success!. The master of survival is the only winner here. Survive 5000 times as human in Zombie Modes (1, 2, 3, 4).
An evolution is the truth. A best zombie player who conducts continuous evolution. Evolve to Origin Zombie 10,000 times.

Other Zombie PvP modes


These also the Zombie PvP modes but with some different goals:

Tooltip zombieescape 01 Tooltip bzm 01 Tooltip zombieunite dm


Title Description Task
[Escape Specialist]
Soldier, I've heard that no one is ever close to your escape ability. Show me your skills and ensure that the following zombies at the back are not a worried to you. Available to achieve in above 4 people room. Escape 3000 times in Zombie Escape mode.
Gentleman, sometimes we have to betray our team and work with the enemy to survive. How about you? Are you cold enough to go against your comrade of yesterday? Note: At least 8 players in a game. Infect 5000 humans in Zombie Escape mode.
[Bot Zombie Master]
Gentleman, you shouldn't belittle on them just because they are dead. Don't forget they are zombies. Unlock Difficulty Level, 'Elite', in Bot Zombie Mod.

Zombie PvE modes

Zombie scenario

However, there are several modes that are categorized as Zombie PvE mode (Player vs Environment):


Title Description Task
None Finish Zombie Scenario season 1 to 3 in order.
[The Last Survivor]
Gentleman, you must utilize your ability to survive from the dead city. Don't forget that you can only protect you and your comrades by collecting, building, and fighting. This can only be achieved in rooms with 4 players. Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op for 100 times.
Destroyer[Destroyer] Gentleman, what will you do to survive with limited resource? You must protect your own resource and steal other people's resource. You can only survive by destroying the enemies in the world. This can only be achieved in rooms with 6 or more players. Achieve 100 victories in New Zombie Shelter: Team Match.


CSO 번외편 영상 l Extra ver02:57

CSO 번외편 영상 l Extra ver.


  • There's usually a bug in Zombie Infection whereby players can infect and instantly kill the victim, if the infection occurs from a headshot.
  • Humans infected by origin zombies will receive a very high amount of health power, resulting sometimes higher than when evolving into an origin zombie which has 7000 health. Therefore your hp will be reduced if you had more than that.
  • In Zombie Giant, there are no zombie characters involved, only the bosses instead.

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