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Zombie scenario

Zombie Scenario is the second game mode introduced by NEXON Corporation for Counter-Strike Online based on a custom game mode for Counter-Strike called as Zombie Riot.


Zombie Scenario pits up to 10 players against increasingly hordes of AI-controlled Zombie. Money cap is doubled in this scenario and the amount obtained varies between types of zombies killed and the difficulty of the map. Extra health, damage and barrier durability can also be bought off the buy menu if the player have obtained a sufficient amount of money. The rounds will keep getting harder with different zombies pouring in while having more health and abilities.



ZScenario reboot banner

Zombie Scenario is included in the Re:boot update, which completely overhauls its old system and new features were added:

  • Difficulty level
  • Automated firepower, health points (with partial restoration) and armor upgrade upon levelling up
  • Rewards after annihilating bosses
  • Buy menu/check point improvement
  • Adjusted respawn time for players of different levels
  • Added character stats

  • Entry level: Entry level is Easy/Normal/Hard. Be able to choose difficulty level that suits for each player’s skill to make them to enjoy zombie scenario in a comfortable environment. Reward will be different according to the difficulty level.
  • Dynamic difficulty level: A difficulty level that continues to change in the game according to the player’s play. Provides high level of exciting game play to skillful user. Reduce stress with low difficulty level from unskillful user.

  • Provides a rank to user when they cleared a scenario according to their participation and contribution rate.
  • Induce a repeatable game play from user by providing a challenge goal to them except the difficulty level and clear time.
  • There are 5 stages of rank from D to S.
    • Can obtain every rank regardless of its entry level.
    • Give different rank to player with their individual play.
  • Indicate the rank and provide the reward together in game when they clear the scenario.
Result rank Reward
Result rank d Result rewardbox d
Result rank c Result rewardbox c
Result rank b Result rewardbox b
Result rank a Result rewardbox a
Result rank s Result rewardbox s

  • Auto Upgrade: Does not require extra key control, and upgrade it automatically with zombie kill, boss and breakable attack.
  • Upgrade target added: HP, attack, armor, movement speed and ammo.
  • Different max level and upgrade sequence for each class, max level increased by 100.

  • Obtain reward when user clear the game according to its difficulty level and rank. Consists of scenario exclusive item, point item, and cash item.
  • Add scenario exclusive buff item according to upgrade target increase.
  • Functional costume and tattoo will appear as unique reward. It will only effective in scenario and no effect in other game mode.
  • Note: all rewards before Re:boot cannot be obtained anymore.

Highzsbox Levelupamplifier

  • Care a beginner user and provide convenient of purchase to previous user. Reduce difficulty of purchase weapon by recommending weapon to beginner user. Add a new purchase method of favorite menu to provide convenient to previous user by considering their game control.
  • Recommendation Weapon: Can purchase recommended weapon with F1 after entering the buy zone. Only main weapon will be recommended.
  • Buy menu improvement: Favorite menu added in buy menu UI. Reduce user’s time to purchase their favorite weapon.
  • Add weapon detail information menu in buy menu. Add shop information to help them to select a weapon.

  • Feedback UI added for user play when they play scenario.
  • Indicates Perfect when they succeeded in headshot.
  • Indicates Combo when they succeeded to kill enemy in consecutive shot.

  • Allowed activity when a player is dead:
    • Chat with survivors: Share pursuit, boss pattern with survivors.
    • Can purchase weapon or equipment: Can rearrange the weapon with B button when you die. Purchase standards will based on the current possessed dollar. Dollar will not deduct directly after purchasing, but it will be deducted when a player revives and the item will provide together.
  • Adjust revival time per level: Allows beginner or low level user to quickly re-participate in the battle to play the game easier than before.
Level Revival Time
1 - 10 15
11 - 20 20
21 - 30 25
31 - 40 30
41 - 50 35
51 - 60 40
61 - 70 45
71 - 80 50
81 - 90 55
91 - 100 60

Characters and Factions now have different stats in term of:

  • Health.
  • Attack.
  • Mobility.
  • Kevlar Armor.
  • Spare Ammo.

Name Health Attack Speed Armor Ammo Max Level
Rebecca 24 21 19 21 20 101
Dr. Han 25 22 17 20 21 101
Ha Ly 20 21 23 23 18 101
Soy 18 22 20 21 24 101
Dominique 21 26 19 24 20 106
Henry 21 20 20 23 21 101
Isabelle 21 27 20 21 21 106
Choi Ji Yoon (Limited Edition) 20 20 24 24 17 101
Choi Ji Yoon (Soccer) 22 17 24 26 16 101
Choi Ji Yoon 22 16 24 26 17 101
Natasha (Casual) 21 25 20 22 17 101
Natasha 21 25 20 22 17 101
Alice (Limited Edition) 22 19 19 26 19 101
Alice 22 19 19 26 19 101
Lucia 24 23 18 18 22 101
May 21 25 20 22 17 101
Criss 26 21 20 17 21 101
Walter 25 17 17 23 23 101
Enzo 24 22 18 21 20 101
Fernando 25 22 19 19 20 101
Keith Icahn 18 24 19 23 21 101
SAF Scout 18 19 26 24 18 101
Max Thacker 20 25 19 22 19 101
Gerard 18 24 21 19 23 101
Thunder Squad 20 19 18 24 24 101
SAT 19 17 22 25 22 101
PLA 17 19 23 23 23 101
707th Special Mission Battalion 22 24 17 23 19 101
Spetsnaz 24 20 18 24 19 101
GIGN 21 21 21 21 21 101
SAS 21 21 21 21 21 101
GSG-9 21 21 21 21 21 101
Seal Team 6 21 21 21 21 21 101
Ace 21 23 19 22 20 101
Jenny 22 25 20 18 20 101
Krieg 20 24 20 20 21 101
Jim 20 26 17 22 20 101
Alin 21 23 26 19 21 106
Gunsmith 20 22 22 20 21 101
Lingling 26 20 20 23 21 106
Michaela (Limited Edition) 17 26 18 20 24 101
Michaela 18 25 21 19 22 101
Jennifer (Uniform) 22 26 22 17 18 101
Jennifer 22 26 22 17 18 101
Yuri (Soccer) 17 26 23 20 19 101
Yuri (Limited Edition) 17 26 23 20 19 101
Yuri 17 26 23 20 19 101
Blair 20 26 22 21 16 101
Ritsuka 16 23 26 17 23 101
Erika 26 17 19 23 20 101
Carlito 25 22 22 18 18 101
Raven 26 20 23 18 18 101
Spade 17 23 22 17 26 101
David Black 25 19 18 21 22 101
Vigilante Corps 24 19 22 20 20 101
National Liberation Campaign 16 17 24 24 24 101
Asia Red Army (Soccer) 21 18 24 18 24 101
Asia Red Army 21 18 24 18 24 101
Red Beret Condottiere 19 24 21 20 21 101
Midwest Militia 21 21 21 21 21 101
Guerilla Warfare 21 21 21 21 21 101
Arctic Avengers 21 21 21 21 21 101
Elite Crew 21 21 21 21 21 101
Phoenix Connexion 21 21 21 21 21 101

Z-Noid patch

After 28 January 2016, there are several update:

  • The addition of 12 difficulties: Easy 1 & 2, Normal, Hard 1-9.
  • Different difficulties give out different Daily ZS Clear Rewards.
    • This reward can only be obtained twice per day; once every 12-hours interval.
    • The player can choose what prize to be claimed. It ranges from common to rare items such as rare zombie tattoos and costumes.
    • The Reward Box can be upgraded. If the player obtains a box at low difficulty level, and does not use it yet, then he/she plays another game (in the same day) and obtains higher-leveled box, the higher-leveled box will replace the lower one.
  • The players can now earn dollars and level up by just shooting at the zombies.
  • If the player uses Round Retry item, all players will respawn immediately, instead of running the round all over again.
    • However, all players just have 1 chance to retry, no matter who use the item. If the players still loose the second chance, the game will end.
  • The respawn time has been set to a limit of 120 seconds, increasing as players level up.
  • Zombies are now labeled with a new set of colors to identify their behaviour, they will be common in the hardest difficulties.
  • Removed items: Dr. A's Trunk, Secret Map, Research Tools, Zombie Sample and Confidential Documents.

As previously stated, players are able to obtain a Reward Box twice per day upon successfully finishing a Zombie Scenario map. The amount of items, duration, quality, quantity and rarity is based on the box level.

The following items can be acquired:

Reward Box HARD 9 level

CSO TW HK - Zombie Scenario TRAP - HARD916:07

CSO TW HK - Zombie Scenario TRAP - HARD9

Crazy Zombie Scenario event

This is a special event which is applied for Memories chapter:

  • Only applied for Memories map during event period.
  • Player's movement speed is increased, and be provided with unlimited spare ammo.
  • Every 60 seconds, up to 3 Pierrots will summon randomly.
  • After destroying the Pierrot, 5 random bonus weapons will be dropped randomly.
  • Bonus weapons can be used in event map only and will not be saved into inventories.
  • All relating medals and league score are not counted in this event.
Counter-Strike Online China Trailer - Memories (Special)01:19

Counter-Strike Online China Trailer - Memories (Special)


There are 5 seasons so far in Zombie Scenario mode (noted that extra maps are excluded in the chapters below):

Survival type
Chapter Description
Lost city icon Story of the special force squad that has been dispatched to find a research group that has lost contact. Goal: Fight against the zombies and survive until the last round.
Double gate icon Survival stage for those survivors in the special force. Goal: Fight against the zombie and survive until the last round.
Trap gfx The last hint left by the special force squad. It seems that they found another trace, but as soon as they get into they are surrounded by zombies. Goal: Fight against the zombie and survive until the last round.
Pursuit type
Chapter Description
Lastclue icon Story of the special force squad that has been dispatched to save the advanced troop. Unknown huge monster was waiting for them when they arrived at the place after following the Andrey's clue. Goal: Kill Prototype Phobos.
Chaos gfx The research group entered inside the laboratory with the mysterious woman's help, encountering yet another monster again. Goal: Kill Siege Type Phobos.
Deadend gfx The research group received a support request from the allied forces and move to the appointed place to defend. However, the thing that welcomes them in the place was not the allied forces but Oberon. Goal: Kill Oberon.

Chapter Description
Zs trace cso Story of LS troop that received a request from Aegis Institute. They have dispatched to Southern America that assumed to have Dr. Rex's trace and... Goal: Kill Dione.
Zs culvert Story of LS troop that pursuits for wounded Dione. They entered underground culvert to capture Dione and encounter with countless zombies. Goal: Fight against the zombies and survive until the last round.
Zs decoy cso Senior Researcher Soy recognized that zombies will evolve by themselves and she tried to lure Dione in, however, the thing appeared in front of LS troop was not Dione, but that was great energy of fire. Goal: Kill Revenant.
Zs angra cso The last battle with Dione. LS troop found Dione's hideout and tried to kill defenseless Dione, but, soon a complete type Angra appeared in front of them. Goal: Kill Angra.

Chapter Description
Zs contact cso Story of Vanguard Company's assistant chief of staff for operations, Norman who tried to survive from a laboratory where a mysterious virus spread. Goal: Kill Fallen Titan.
Zs behind cso Story of David Black and Erika who tried to invade inside Vanguard headquarters under Norman's request. Goal: Kill Rusty Scorpion.
Zs defense cso Story of AFC David Black and his team retreating as they are being chased by horde of zombies until they reach into a shelter-like place. Unknown enemy appeared at them when they were waiting for Norman's support. Goal: Defend the central computer and kill Mad Mechanic.
Zs panic cso Story of David Black who tried to rescue Erika who was kidnapped by Norman. Analyze the huge boss's weakness that stopped their way to save Erika. Goal: Kill Lost Guardian.

Chapter Description
Zs encounter cso Story of Gerard team who tried to retrieve the left sample after the Vanguard Company incident. They tried to make a contact with the transportation team, however Yeti suddenly appeared to stop them. Goal: Kill Frozen Terror.
Zs conspiracy cso Story of Gerard when he was moving to meet with his client after he joined the Jim's transportation team safely. The client welcomed them frigidly in the laboratory. Goal: Kill Gluttony.
Zs envymask cso Story of Red Lizard Jim to discover and reveal the true color of the client. Goal: Defeat the dual-wield sword Neid and heavy artillery Zavist.
Zs paranoia cso Story of Red Lizard Jim, Gerard and their team upon revealing the mystery that Dr. Rex has been hiding once infiltrating into his main research lab and testing facility. Goal: Kill Dr. Rex.

Chapter Description
Zs evacuate1 cso Story of Jennifer and her escorts fighting their way through a long abandoned city, searching and destroying anything that they came across with what may remain of one of Dr. Rex's previous failed Super Soldier Project. Goal: Kill Laser Wing.
Zs memories1 cso Story of Jennifer and her team proceeding to pursue the Laser Wing killer. During that, she was unconscious, and remembered all her lost memories. Goal: Kill Jack.
Zs anothertruth1 cso Story of Jennifer finding out how Jack changed his appearance and the abandoned truth behind. Goal: Kill Crono Athletic.
Zs lastride1 cso Story of Jennifer encountering a new enemy while listening the truth from Soy. Goal: Kill Crono Wing.

Honor missions

Mission Task
Finish Zombie Scenario season 1 to 3 in order.
[Killing Machine]
Kill 10,000 zombies in one round.
Kill a total of 1,000,000 zombies.
Pointbox medal
[Treasure Hunter]
Accumulate 100,000 points from Zombie Scenario Supply Box.


  • In Japan region, this mode is named as Zombie Survival.
  • Pressing the Auto-Buy button (F1) will select the most recommended primary weapon including its ammunition. Unlike normal matches, Kevlar is not included for Auto-Buy inputs even the player has still remaining in-game money which sufficient to spent for.
  • It is possible to apply wallbang for killing zombies or breaking a marked wall through some certain positions.

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