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Zombie scenario

Zombie Scenario is the second game mode introduced by NEXON Corporation for Counter-Strike Online based on a custom game mode for Counter-Strike called as Zombie Riot.


Zombie Scenario pits up to 10 players against increasingly hordes of AI-controlled Zombie. Money cap is doubled in this scenario and the amount obtained vary between type of zombie killed and the difficulty of the map. Extra health, damage and barrier durability can also be bought off the buy menu if the player have obtained a sufficient amount of money. The rounds will keep getting harder with different zombies pouring in while having more health and abilities.


In Survival-type maps, players have to defend themselves until the timer for the stage runs out. Each stage will pit the players against increasingly harder hordes of AI-controlled zombies, which may have different variations.

If the player have Emergency Medicine, Battle Revival and Round Retry items, they can use them for their advantage. However, players cannot use the Battle Revival when there is 30 seconds left in the round's timer. Any players who have just joined the game or died will spawn at the beginning of the next stage.


Pursuit-type maps are simple point A to point B maps, where they will have to destroy several obstacles along the way. Pursuit maps usually consists of two rounds, with the exception of Chaos and Panic Room.

To complete a stage, at least half of the players must reach the targeted location by passing several obstacles and hordes of zombies. There are no time limit for this style. Any players who have just joined the game or died will spawn in 60 seconds. The team is counted as defeated if all the players died that round.

Once the stage is completed, the player will be transported to boss battle arena. In this stage, the players must defeat the stage's boss to complete the map.


Annihilation maps are essentially boss rush stages.

Each round typically start with mook zombies pouring in, allowing players to stock up their money for weapon and upgrades. After sixty seconds has passed, the boss will arrive and players must then kill bosses to advance to the next round. Like Pursuit maps, there are no time limits, and dead players will revive in 60 seconds.

Bosses when killed will drop two supply boxes for each player alive instead of one.


The player must defend an object from being destroyed by the zombies' attack. Boss for the stage may appear early to assist the zombies.


Zombie Scenario consists of four seasons so far:


ZScenario reboot banner

Zombie Scenario also gets the Re:boot treatment, which completely overhauling its old system and new features were added. Such as:

  • New level system
  • New difficult system
  • New items 
  • Rank status

New Features

The players now will level up by killing zombies, damaging barriers and shooting bosses. Hit points, armor, reserved ammo, speed and damage of the players will increase simultaneously. The limit of the level is also increased to 100.

Note that all of those stats will depend of the character in use.

The players will now individually scored based on their performance, for example, deaths, kills, number of headshots, etc.

Below is the list of type of ranks the players can achieve:

Result rank Conditions Reward
Result rank d Unknown Result rewardbox d
Result rank c Unknown Result rewardbox c
Result rank b Unknown Result rewardbox b
Result rank a Unknown Result rewardbox-a
Result rank s Unknown Result rewardbox s

The players will have a pop-up message if they managed to kills a certain number of zombies consecutively.

The Dr.A's Trunk now classified into high, medium and low classes.

Class First clue Second clue Third clue Fourth clue Dr A's Trunk
Low Lowzsbox1 Lowzsbox2 Lowzsbox3 Lowzsbox4 Lowzsbox
Medium Midzsbox1 Midzsbox2 Midzsbox3 Midzsbox4 Midzsbox
High Highzsbox1 Highzsbox2 Highzsbox3 Highzsbox4 Highzsbox

Dr.A's Trunk's rewards were also classified into high, medium and low classes, new power-ups like armor up and magazine up were also added.

Class Armor boost Stamina drug Ammo boost Speed boost Power amplifier Weakness report Level up booster
Low Lowarmorup Lowhealthup Lowmagazineup Lowspeedup Lowdamageup Lowweaknessreport Levelupamplifier
Medium Midarmorup Midhealthup Midmagazineup Midspeedup Middamageup Midweaknessreport Levelupamplifier
High Higharmorup Highhealthup Highmagazineup Highspeedup Highdamageup Highweaknessreport Levelupamplifier



Post Re:Boot


  • Some maps do not have an overhead map view, instead, the words "Unknown Area", will be displayed.
  • Before K3 was introduced as a starter Zombie Scenario weapon, players start with the MP5. In China region however, the starting weapon was the K1A instead.
  • The kill counter for personal zombie kills will max out at 65,000 kills. Any additional kills will not be counted at that point.
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