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Zombie modes was an official event mode, mainly for beta testing during the given period in Counter-Strike Online 2.

Since the 24 July 2014 update, this mode was officially released.


This mode is an adopted mode from Counter-Strike Online's Zombie Modes.


After 30 seconds of a round, a random player will be chosen as the origin zombie. The zombie must infect all humans to win the round while for the humans, avoid being infected by the zombies by surviving the round or annihilating all zombies.


Zombiehostm h Zombienormalm h Zombiehostf h Zombienormalf h

Compatible maps

Assault 02 Italy 02 Nuke screenshot zombie Militia screenshot zombie Aztec zombie Uprising zm offss Cobble cso2 zm poster Centered officialss zm Highland koreaposter Estatecso2 Dust Survivorcso2


Cso2 zombie roundstart

Round start soundtrack

Zombie ambience


Zombie coming 1

Another Zombie is Coming!

Zombie coming 2


Male death 01

Infected male

Male death 02


Female death 01

Infected female

Female death 02



CS Online 2 - Zombie Mode Released!

CS Online 2 - Zombie Mode Released!

CS Online 2 SNL Zombie Mode (Gameplay)

CS Online 2 SNL Zombie Mode (Gameplay)


  • The announcer was changed to female vocals with the exception of the infection SFX.
  • The countdown is now 30 seconds instead of 20.
  • When a player is infected, a green smoke will emit from the body. Moreover, it reuses the same infected sound from Counter-Strike Online.
  • The zombie's night vision is now green instead of red. Also, humans are highlighted by a yellow glow.
  • Some SFX are actually re-used from its predecessor with minor changes except for the following ones which are: "round start", "ambience" and "female infected".
  • In China region, the sprites are missing when round ends.